Religious Charities

For a quick summary of the CSA’s position, read this PDF: CSA briefing note on Religious charities

You may also download the CSA submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (9 Feb 2012). The CSA notes that substantial budgetary savings (over $1 billion per year) can be achieved by removing “advancement of religion” as a grounds for tax-exempt charity status.

In July 2012, the CSA received a letter from the federal Minister of Finance, replying to the CSA’s concerns about the public subsidy of organized religion via designation of “advancement of religion” as an eligible charitable activity. The letter notes that it is the Government of Canada’s position that “providing charitable status for the advancement of religion is based on the presumption that religion provides people with a moral and ethical framework for living and plays an important role in building social capital and social cohesion”. You may read the entire letter from the Minister of Finance (27 July 2012).