• Blasphemy

      The CSA calls upon the Government of Canada to repeal section 296 (Blasphemous Libel) of the Criminal Code (read more…)


    • Public Prayer in Government

      The CSA favours ending the practice of conducting official prayers during government meetings (read more…)


    • Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom

      The CSA urges our government to protect the rights of atheists and the non-religious (read more…)


    • God and Canada’s National Anthem

      The government should remove the reference to God from Canada’s national anthem, and return to the original words that existed prior to the introduction of the God-reference (read more…)


    • Secularism and Science Education

      The government should set standards in education to ensure that public school science classrooms are free of religious dogma, including the latest incarnation of Creationism known as Intelligent Design (read more…)


    • God and Canada’s Charter of Rights

      The government should remove the “supremacy of God” clause from the preamble of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. (read more…)


    • Religious Charities

      The promotion of religious opinions should not be viewed as a charitable activity, and “advancement of religion” alone should not be grounds for an organization to be recognized as a charity (read more…)


    • Religious Accommodation

      The government and judiciary should not grant religious exemptions to individuals from neutral, generally applicable laws or policies (read more…)


    • Free Expression

      The CSA believes that hate speech should be prohibited under the Criminal Code, but this prohibition should be narrowly confined to expression that advocates or threatens violence (read more…)


    • Public Financing of Religious Schools

      The government should not use public funds to finance religious schools, either directly or indirectly (read more…)


    • The Veil

      The CSA, as an organization advancing government neutrality in matters of religion, cannot support legal prohibition of the veil (read more…)


    • Quebec’s Bill 60: Charter affirming the values of State secularism

      The CSA supports the goal of a more religiously-neutral provincial government in Quebec (read more…)