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National Secularist Org Joins Opposition to Muslim Prayers in Public Schools

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – July 7, 2011)

The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA), a church-state advocacy organization, joins the call to oppose Imam-led Muslim prayers in Toronto public schools, as has been happening at Valley Park Middle School.

“While students may self-organize into any kind of school club they wish, there is no place for an outside religious leader to use school infrastructure off limits to non-Muslims to engage in religious services,” says Greg Oliver, CSA President.

In addition, the CSA denies that religious accommodations necessitate teachers using their paid time to prepare the cafeteria for transformation into a mosque, and worry that services may incorporate elements at odds with aspects of the Ontario Human Rights Code, such as the separation of girls and boys.

“The two fundamental problems in Ontario are the way we view religious accommodations and the continued public funding of the Roman Catholic School System,” said Oliver. “Both provide pretexts that encourage these sorts of outrageous demands by faith groups.”

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