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End to Bible Distribution in Bluewater Schools Applauded by National Secular Organization

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – April 19, 2012)

The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA) applauds the decision by the Bluewater District School Board to join many other Ontario Boards in ending the distribution of Gideon Bibles.

“CSA commends trustees for not backing down in the face of hate mail and death threats, ironically by those citing the Bible as underpinning the moral fabric of society,” said CSA President Greg Oliver.
CSA, a national non-profit advocating church-state separation, has long condemned schools for endorsing a single religion by granting exclusive access to students.

“No one is banning anything; the Bible is available in school libraries,” said Oliver. “For actual book banning, look at the publicly funded Catholic school system where some boards removed The Golden Compass from school libraries for being judged an atheist book.”

“The Bible should be read, but there’s the matter of age appropriateness given its strong sex and violence content,” said Oliver. CSA supports world religion courses to explore all faiths – and non faith-based ethical systems – in an educational setting.

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