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The CSA Has Serious Concerns with Quebec Bill 60

The Canadian Secular Alliance has serious concerns with the Quebec’s Bill 60:  Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and of equality between women and men,and providing a framework for accommodation requests

The CSA favours instead a focus on ending institutional religious favouritism and special accommodations that privilege religious over non-religious forms of expression.

What is the CSA’s position on Bill 60?

The CSA, as an organization advancing government neutrality in matters of religion, supports the goal of a more religiously-neutral provincial government in Quebec. However, the CSA does not endorse this bill because it deviates too far from the principle of government neutrality in religion. The general view of the CSA is:

(1)        The bill fails to address the core violations of religious favouritism in Quebec law.

(2)        The bill fails to address the institutional forms of religious expression that still exist within the jurisdiction of the Quebec government.

(3)        A ban on wearing religious symbols across all unelected professions in public employment is excessive and unnecessary.

For a quick summary of the CSA’s position, read this PDF: CSA briefing note – Quebec Charter of Values