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Religion Does NOT Trump Human Rights: Donate to our Trinity Western University Court Case Intervention

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With your support the Canadian Secular Alliance helped make Canadian secular history earlier this year. We successfully intervened in the Supreme Court of Canada case which ruled against the mixing of church and state in the form of religious prayers in municipal government.

It’s time to set another precedent and we again need your help to do so.

Christian Evangelical Trinity Western University (TWU) in Langley, British Columbia, aims to open a law school that would effectively block admission to gay and lesbian students.

In response the Law Society of Upper Canada refused to recognize TWU graduates. On July 2nd the Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld their right to do so. But when the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society made a similar decision the Nova Scotia provincial court actually ruled that they must accept TWU graduates.

Now that decision is being appealed to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, after which it may very well find its way to the Supreme Court of Canada. TWU’s last desperate hope is to force law societies to accept their graduates whether they want them or not.

If the law societies of Nova Scotia and Ontario are told they must accept TWU graduates it will be a huge setback for those who believe religion must not trump human rights.

Tim Dickson, the lawyer who represented CSA so effectively on the public prayer case, has approached us to once again collaborate in an application to intervene. This week we learned that our application was successful. The CSA is now an official intervenor in the case of Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society v. Trinity Western University et al.

Tim will charge us no legal fees but only his basis costs. We need to raise $5,000 to pursue this case. We have a donor who is willing to contribute half of these funds, but only in the form of matching contributions up until until September 30, 2015. That means every dollar you donate will count for double.

Please support the Canadian Secular Alliance by making a contribution now

There’s a lot at stake here.

Can any organization use its religion as an unholy shield to justify human rights violations and discrimination which would be unacceptable in any other situation? What if that institution receives several million dollars a year in direct and indirect public support and subsidies? Can the Canadian law profession, which controls the number of law school openings, allow what amounts to a queer quota?

TWU describes itself as a “disciple-making academic community” and “an arm of the Church” where “all teaching, learning, thinking, and scholarship take place under the direction of the Bible, the wholly authoritative and truthful Word of God.” TWU even claims Canadian law is founded on and must continue to recognize Christian biblical principles.

Canadian lawyers don’t practice law in ecclesiastic courts. Our lawyers practice law in the public domain, where we are fully inclusive and where we respect the equal rights of all. Many lawyers go on to become our judges and our elected officials. Do we want our future leaders to receive their legal training through an “arm of the Church” with our financial support?

Please take a stand for secularism and equality by matching our generous donor and contributing now: