Hidden in plain sight: The Tory evangelical factor

The Tories’ proposal to create an office of religious freedom is a low-cost, high-yield pledge that resonates deeply with evangelical Christians, without the divisive risks of sexuality issues Apr 13, 2011 JONATHAN MALLOY Globe and Mail

France files its first fine for face veil

Apr 12, 2011 Angela Charlton The Associated Press

France’s intolerant face

Apr 12, 2011 Toronto Star–france-s-intolerant-face

French burka ban suffers from failure of imagination

Apr 12, 2011 Barbara Kay National Post

The right to cover up

Apr 12, 2011 National Post

Vatican’s new Mass ‘elitist,’ priests say

Apr 12, 2011 Michael Higgins National Post

Catholic, without apologies

Apr 12, 2011 Michael Coren National Post

Police asked to investigate Muslim group’s website

Apr 12, 2011 Stewart Bell National Post

African gay-rights activists stand strong as brutality rises

Apr 11, 2011 GEOFFREY YORK Globe and Mail

Should Canada ban Islamic face veils?

Apr 11, 2011 Wency Leung Globe and Mail

French police detain women on first day of veil ban

Apr 11, 2011 CAMILLE RUSTICI The Associated Press

France enacts ban on face veils

Apr 11, 2011 Reuters

An awakening awaits for so-cons

Re: Don’t Dismiss The So-Cons, Don Hutchinson, April 8. Apr 11, 2011 Kurt Weinheimer National Post

It’s curtains for veils as France rolls out anti-niqab law

Apr 10, 2011 MICHEL ARSENAULT Globe and Mail

Substitute teacher who says he was fired for being transgender rejects settlement

Apr 10, 2011 Brent Wittmeier Postmedia News

Fired transgendered teacher rejects deal that would muzzle him

Apr 10, 2011 John Cotter The Canadian Press

Ex-KKK leader featured on Muslim group’s website

Apr 10, 2011 Stewart Bell National Post

Tories promise to create office for religious freedom draws skepticism

Apr 9, 2011 MIKE BLANCHFIELD The Canadian Press

Ignatieff at odds with party over Tories’ religious freedom proposals

Apr 9, 2011 Jane Taber Globe and Mail

Don’t dismiss the so-cons

Apr 8, 2011 Don Hutchinson National Post

Halton Catholic school board imposes silent ban on GSAs

‘People in Ontario should not have to pay for this discrimination’: CFI Apr 7, 2011 Andrea Houston Xtra

The OIC vs. Freedom of Expression

Their change of tactics imperils speech worldwide. Apr 7, 2011 Jacob Mchangama NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE

Christian/Muslim divide: Can it be bridged?

Re: Blame The Murderers, Not The Contemptible Provocateur, Lorne Gunter, April 5. Apr 7, 2011 W.E. Ross Scott National Post

Egypt’s revolution is leaving women behind

After one rally, Amnesty International says, at least 18 female protesters were arrested, tortured and subjected to ‘virginity tests’ Apr 7, 2011 SHEEMA KHAN Globe and Mail

A combustible ideology

Apr 6, 2011 Christopher Hitchens