Why bother believing?

Apr 23, 2011 Monsignor Frederick M. Dolan National Post

The Supreme Court: How a Harper majority could really change Canada

Apr 22, 2011 ADAM RADWANSKI Globe and Mail

Once a sure thing, Liberals now fighting for Jewish vote

Apr 22, 2011 JULIAN SHER AND JOHN IBBITSON Globe and Mail

The Good Book: A humanist guide to living a good life

Apr 22, 2011 Charles Lewis National Post

Pope takes questions from public in first televised Q&A

Apr 22, 2011 FRANCES D’EMILIO The Associated Press

Any and all anti-abortion legislation ‘will be defeated,’ Harper declares

Apr 21, 2011 John Ibbitson Globe and Mail

Tories scramble after MP brags of denying funding to family-planning group

Apr 21, 2011 JANE TABER Globe and Mail

Ottawa cutting funds to Planned Parenthood, Tory MP says

Apr 21, 2011 ADRIAN MORROW Globe and Mail

Obama can host a prayer breakfast. Harper can’t

Apr 20, 2011 Kelly McParland National Post

Muslim radicals plan royal wedding demonstration

Apr 19, 2011 Michael Holden Reuters

Technology can’t allow humans to ‘be like God,’ Pope warns

Apr 18, 2011 Reuters

Religion replacing Mubarak

Apr 18, 2011 Damien McElroy The Daily Telegraph

Pope: ‘Abandon pride of wanting to become God’

Apr 17, 2011 PHILIP PULLELA Globe and Mail

Religious freedom: China’s needless fear of believers

The Chinese authorities discredit themselves with their repressive tactics Apr 17, 2011 Toronto Star–religious-freedom-china-s-needless-fear-of-believers

Readers don’t like burkas, but are split over Catholicism

Apr 16, 2011 National Post

Belgium calls for severe punishment of bishop

Apr 16, 2011 Tom Heneghan Reuters

Call on the Ministry of Education to Enforce Their Policy in Support of Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs)

Apr 2011 Queer Ontario

Demand an End to the Ban on Gay-Straight Alliances in Ontario Catholic Schools

Apr 14, 2011 Michael Jones

America’s Faux Freedom Fighters

Apr 15, 2011 IRSHAD MANJI Globe and Mail

God Keep Our Land? Imagining a Secular Canada

A new study says Canada is among nine nations where religion will be all but extinct by mid-century Apr 12, 2011 Justin Trottier The Mark News

Well-meant but flawed niqab law will hurt those it seeks to help

Apr 14, 2011 Afsun Qureshi National Post

The new French revolution

We must relentlessly challenge the notion that the hijab and the niqab are requirements of the Muslim faith Apr 14, 2011 NAZNEEN SHEIKH Globe and Mail

Don’t ban the burka

Apr 13, 2011 National Post

Religion at the ballot box

The Globe’s monthly panel convenes to discuss religion’s place in government Apr 13, 2011 Globe and Mail

Religious right a force for Harper

Despite reports of their demise, social conservatives still playing a potent role in the current federal election Apr 13, 2011 Bob Hepburn Toronto Star–hepburn-religious-right-a-force-for-harper