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Jul 10, 2009 Jerry Coyne Why Evolution is True

Jesus Goes to Bethesda

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President promises Pope fewer abortions in United States

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Pig-farming evangelist lived high on the hog, officials say

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Islam’s Double Standard

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Covering up for the hijab

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Grudging on gay pride

July 9, 2009 Globe and Mail The Prime Minister, who has shown little appetite for allowing social conservatives to dictate policy, should make clear that it is Ablonczy, not Trost, who speaks for the government Read more…

Did harper pocket wafer? PMO says no Communion Host

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Harper’s Christian instincts

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Blame the Archbishop, not Harper

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Harper did nothing wrong in taking host

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The faux pas, the spin and the holy host

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New petition sought in B.C. polygamy case

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Tough crime talk, no action on Bountiful teens

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Pontiff proposes ‘ethics’ for economy calls financial crisis chance to set new rules

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Caveat Venalicium Libertas

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God and Science Don’t Mix

June 26, 2009 Lawrence M. Krauss Wall Street Journal A scientist can be a believer. But professionally, at least, he can’t act like one. Article here

Iran’s religious elite calls election ‘illegitimate’ Growing Rift

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