Atheist transit ads will run

SCOC decision upholds freedom of speech in bus advertising Jul 11, 2009 IAN FAIRCLOUGH The Canadian Press

Decision on TransLink ads a victory for freedom of speech

July 11, 2009 Peter McKnight Vancouver Sun

Transit ad bans said to violate Charter of Rights

July 11, 2009 Philip Ling Canwest News Service

Fuss on the bus?

Ads about education too hot for B.C. authorities Jul 14, 2009 MINDELLE JACOBS SUN MEDIA

Understanding atheism may break down prejudices

July 11, 2009 DAVID BRANDOW Guelph Mercury

Canadians shouldn’t be in any hurry to ban the burka

July 14, 2009 Janet Keeping Guelph Mercury

Gay altar server contests firing

Human rights tribunal asked to intervene July 14, 2009 Charles Lewis National Post

Sudanese journalist faces 40 lashes for wearing ‘indecent’ clothing

July 14, 2009 Agence France-Presse

Politics, religion don’t mix

July 14, 2009 PETER T. SMITH Telegraph-Journal

Muslims fight for the right burial rites

Two groups seek land for new cemetery Jul 15, 2009 Noor Javed Toronto Star

Vatican finally gives Harry Potter its blessing

July 14, 2009 Reuters

Episcopal Church to end gay bishop ban

July 15, 2009 Agence France-Presse

Gay marriage is OK (Jesus says so)

July 14, 2009 Yoni Goldstein National Post

Canadian jailed for supporting al-Qaeda

Preached jihad, trained at bin Laden’s camp, U. S. says July 10, 2009 Stewart Bell National Post

Wavering on the wafer

July 11, 2009 The Ottawa Citizen

Shades of my Slippergate in Harper’s Wafergate

July 11, 2009 JOSH FREED The Gazette

Harper responds to Wafergate

July 10, 2009 Charles Lewis National Post

Why all the fuss?

Stephen Harper committed a faux pas at funeral service for former governor-general Romeo LeBlanc. But Catholic clergy should lighten up July 10, 2009 Barbara Yaffe Vancouver Sun

Wafergate? Hardly

PM’s conduct during Catholic funeral much ado about nothing Jul 10, 2009 CONNIE WOODCOCK Edmonton Sun

How to avoid a Wafergate

Heeding a few words of advice – especially for those of us attending Catholic weddings this summer – could spare you the sacrilegious mess Prime Minister Stephen Harper found himself in this week Jul 9, 2009 Jennifer Yang Globe and […]

Our appalling ignorance of matters Muslim

Jul 12, 2009 Haroon Siddiqui Toronto Star

Top court strikes down bus ad ban

Ruling on B.C. Transit refusal to run political ads during 2005 election watched closely by cities in battle over atheist ads Jul 10, 2009 THE CANADIAN PRESS

Harper and family meet with Pope

July 11, 2009 Peter O’Neil Canwest News

Unscientific America and the ‘New’ Atheists

Science is a sublimely human activity and a central part of every culture on earth that aspires to be something more than a collection of dirt-grubbing subsistence breeders. Jul 11, 2009 PZ Myers Butterfies and Wheels

Collins gets panned almost everywhere

July 11, 2009 PZ Myers Pharyngula