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Groups refused standing at prostitution law trial

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Hate law is in danger of being seen as an ass

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Burka or bikini: Let the women decide

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A better way to rid Canada of the burka

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Show your ‘burka pride’

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No surprise burka-clad women didn’t write in

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Challenge your base assumptions to get closer to truth

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Like to start a new spirituality? B.C. welcomes you

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Madonna’s Polish concert a ‘Satanic provocation’

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Papal encyclical seeks ‘global authority’ for economy, unregulated markets ‘thoroughly destructive’

July 7, 2009 Philip Pullella Reuters Read article

Penitents Compete: New Turkish gameshow deals in converting atheists

July 3, 2009 Daren Butler Reuters Read Article

Remarks On Public Funding of Religion

These were the opening remarks by CSA Vice-President Greg Oliver, delivered at the Café Inquiry on Public Funding of Religion on June 5, 2009. A panel discussion with: – Hon. Cheri DiNovo, M.P.P. and United Church Minister – Greg Oliver, Vice-President, […]

Time to Change the National Anthem

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Feb 23 (MARKET WIRE) – “We need to change Canada’s national anthem to reflect the rapidly changing demographics,” said Greg Oliver, Vice-President of the Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA). “We are announcing our campaign to the Parliament of Canada […]